Travel Itinerary 

Three more days to go!
Our trip itinerary:

  • Depart Wellington – Friday, September 4
  • Brief stopovers in Melbourne and Dubai
  • Arrive in Athens – Saturday, September 5
  • Depart Athens, (flight – Ryanair) arrive Rome -Thursday, September 10
  • Depart Rome – Monday, September 14 (night train)
  • Arrive Venice – Tuesday, September 15
  • Depart Venice – Friday, September 18 (flight), arrive Munich
  • September 19-20 Oktoberfest!
  • Depart Munich – Monday, September 21 via bus to Zurich, then train to Fribourg
  • Depart Fribourg – Friday, September 25 via train to Geneva, then train to Bonn via Basel
  • Car hire in Bonn to drive out to Nurburg
  • Depart Bonn – Saturday, September 26 via train to Amsterdam via Cologne
  • Depart Amsterdam – Wednesday, September 30 via Thalys train to Paris
  • Depart Paris – Friday, October 2 – sadly heading home.

That’s the basic version of our trip. We designed and booked it all ourselves, although it’s probably not the cheapest way to do it. Everything is centered around meeting up with a friend for Oktoberfest, who has been studying in Germany and spending time travelling around other European countries.

The hotels are the cheapest we could get for 4 people (until Munich) and are based on central city locations in each place.

Munich accommodation was the first thing booked, and was done in February, due to skyrocketing prices for Oktoberfest. 1000+ Euros per night now! We have the cheapest 6 person room we could find. After Munich, we are parting ways with the 2 other people we started with.

In Switzerland, we are staying with my SO’s family.

Bonn and Amsterdam are booked for 2, at the cheapest convenient hotels.

Paris is booked for 3, as we are meeting back up with one person from the beginning of the trip.

It still feels surreal, and probably will until we get there.


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