Day 22 – Bonn & Nurburg

We arrived in Bonn thinking it would be quiet, but it was time for Beethovenfest! 
Market stalls, food, and live music going on everywhere! It was really interesting.
Since it was 8pm by the time we got to our hotel, we ventured out for food and to enjoy the music.
Our sole reason for visiting Bonn was to rent a car and drive out to Nurburg the next day. This was my partner’s sole request for the entire trip: to see the Nordschliefe, so it was his job to drive. 
It took us about an hour to get to Nurburg from Bonn, and luckily the car had gps. We got to see a good amount of the beautiful German countryside as well.
It looked to be a busy day in Nurburg, with races on at various tracks and plenty of people visiting. We had read that you can’t hire a car to drive on the Nordschliefe on weekends, but people were doing just that. We spent most of the time standing around taking photos of interesting and expensive cars that drove past.
As it turns out, you can rent a ‘ring taxi’ and be driven around the track for €240. Yes, we did it! I had to sit in the back, and it all got recorded for us to look at later. It was more fun than we would’ve had renting a car ourselves, since the guy obviously knew what he was doing. It was like riding a rollercoaster, with the force throwing you around and making your stomach roll over. I loved it. 
After that, we drove back to Bonn and dropped off the car. The rest of the day was spent looking at the local attractions.
Beethoven house, which was nice and close to our hotel, where Beethoven was born in the tiny attic room. It has many of his letters, instruments and music on display and even his death mask.
The Beethoven statue, which was a little bit harder to find, since there were tents and people everywhere for Beethovenfest.
The Arithmeum, a museum of math and the history of counting and calculating. 
Then it was time to get our train to Amsterdam, with a 10 minute interchange in Koln (Cologne). When I saw that the trains before ours were all running 15 minutes late, I admit I started to stress a bit, but we arrived pretty much on time. Fortunately, Koln train station is set up so you only have to walk directly across the platform to the next train, although we were in the last or second to last carriages on each, so we still had to run a bit to get to the opposite end of the other train.
We arrived in Amsterdam at 10pm, and thought it was a good idea to walk to our hotel; it didn’t look that far.
We obviously didn’t take the fastest route, so it took over an hour to get to the hotel. Because it was after 11pm, it was closed, but they had emailed us instructions on how to get in and get our room key. The staircase was almost vertical, like climbing a ladder. (Pack lighter!)


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