Cats and dogs of Greece

Hi everyone,

Since this is such a busy time of year, I thought I’d do a fun post. One thing I love to do while travelling is take photos of animals, and last year in Greece I took many photos of animals. Here is a selection of the better photos.



Yes, this is the same kitty from the header image. She greeted us as we entered the Acropolis site after the ticket booth. She looked just like one of my cats at home, and was super friendly!


Trying to keep cool at the Acropolis. It was 40 degrees!


Hadrian’ Library was closed to all except this guy!


img_0023The remains of the northern wall of the ‘so-called Pantheon’. This is a very small site located approximately 50m east of Hadrian’s Library. There’s not much to see, but I took photos because the cat was there.


We saw this kitty on the way to the bus station to buy tickets to Delphi.


Sweet kittens also on the way to the bus station.


This lovely little guy was hanging out near Kerameikos.


Snoozing by the Kerameikos museum. Looks just like the Acropolis kitty!


Everywhere we went, locals were feeding the animals.


Hoping for snacks from the tourist hordes.


After climbing up the hill at the site of Delphi, it was time to relax with slushies, ice cream and some friendly kitties.



Of course, they had ulterior motives – they were after pats and food!


Thanks for reading!


All images are my own.



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